• Buses and coaches

    Where efficiency meets security

  • Buses and coaches

    Where efficiency meets security



รถโดยสารของทาง Topbest ผ่านการรับรองความแข็งแรงโครงสร้างตัวถัง ตามมาตรฐาน UN ECE R66 เวอร์ชั่น 2 เพื่อให้ความปลอดภัยสูงสุดแก่ผู้โดยสาร

Quality is at the foundation of our manufacturing process


TOPBEST adopts MAN’s manufacturing technology, an international provider of commercial buses and coaches and a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group. Thanks to MAN’s official demonstration of manufacturing and assembly technologies for Lion’s Coach, named Coach of the Year 2020 at Busworld Europe Brussels 2019, TOPBEST is able to manufacture buses and coaches that meet the European industry standards for our clients in Thailand.


We design and conduct thorough security assessments using a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) program. Our engineers are trained by MSC Software, the original developer of Nastran, a cutting-edge software NASA has been relying on for the aerospace industry for over 50 years.


We utilize high-accuracy laser tracker and allow 6 mm deviation to ensure quality control.


We use intuitive Jix fixture tools to securely and precisely locate and support our automotive parts, guaranteeing consistent proportionality and conformity.


Our innovative robot welding technology allows us to deliver precise work that meets all industry quality and security regulations.


TOPBEST is Thailand’s first commercial vehicles manufacturer to provide rust-proofing technology for fully assembled automotives. Coupled with our Electro Deposition Paint (EDP) technology, the color coating on your premium vehicles will be consistent and long-lasting, despite exposure to harsh climate conditions.


We leverage purpose-built paint robots to coat each of our trucks and buses, promising a smoother, more consistent, and more durable shine than the legacy manual coating technique.

With a combination of MAN’s patented technologies, cutting-edge machines and systems and TOPBEST’s stalwart commitment in delivering high-quality, UN-ECE R66.02-certified commercial vehicles, we look forward to helping leading businesses in Thailand like yours improve your service quality and bottom line with European-standard automotives at a price that suits your budget.